EMBRACE INTIMACY  Sex, Pain & Illness

Do you want to renew, revive and nurture your romantic, intimate and sexual relationship?

It's time to learn how to 'get your sexy back' again. In this group we will explore ways of how to have a fulfilling, intimate relationship with your partner regardless of pain or illness ( chronic pain & illness, auto-immune, traumatic birth, C-section, fibromyalgia, ovarian, uterine, & cervical cancer, breast cancer, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, etc.).

Do you struggle with? Low libido, painful sex, fatigue, loss of sensual pleasure, poor body image, etc. 

SO many women are facing challenges with their intimate relationships, you're NOT alone. Regardless of the cause, which could be chronic pain, cancer, pelvic floor dysfunction, difficult birthing process, etc. the emotional impact and issues are the SAME!

Don't let health issues stop you from having a healthy, pleasurable, intimate relationship with yourself and your partner. Meet other women who are facing similar challenges & want to grow and connect with each other. 

Intimacy and sex are different things, yet fully connected. Learning how to have an intimate relationship, without sex, if the first step in improving your quality of life. You will connect to your own inner emotional core and clear out any negative or toxic beliefs that are holding you back from having the intimate relationship you desire so much. 

We will address issues & explore ways to:

  • Re-connect to your partner

  • Re-ignite your intimate relationship

  • Regain sensual pleasure & not let illness is get in the way

  • Love your body again

  • Nurture your body and relationship

  • Overcome emotional distress from painful sex*

  • Increase your libido*

  • Relax and reduce pain with sex*

  • and soooooo much more.... in detail....

All of these issues are discussed and shared in the confidential, safe and healthy environment of small group therapy. 

You will become equipped to fully EMBRACE INTIMACY tm

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