Grief & Loss

Grieving is the evidence that you have loved and been loved.

When one grieves, it's usually because the loss has changed:

1)   How life used to be

2)   The future you had dreamt of

All loss is traumatic! And your pain is real. I believe that loss, trauma and grief are inter-related and connected. 

Types of traumatic loss includes:

Loss of a Loved one ~ parent,  child,  miscarriage,  family member, friend, or pet, etc.

Loss of Health ~ chronic pain/illness, cancer, catastrophic illness, mobility or body part loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc

Loss of Relationship ~ break-up, divorce, kids in foster care, etc. 

Loss of Safety ~ rape, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, etc.

Catastrophe ~ accidents, natural disasters, shootings, home loss, job loss, etc.

Therapy can help you to have:

Healthy ways to memorialize your loss

Ways to allow yourself to life fully without guilt or shame

Manage all the ‘what if’s’ and “if only’s” and regrets

Manage and reduce overwhelming and negative feelings

Use laughter as a free pain medication that lives within us

Ways to decrease suffering

Forgive any parts necessary that are blocking you and 

Overcome the 5 stages of Grief

1.     denial

2.     anger

3.     bargaining

4.     depression

5.     acceptance

What to know about the 5 Stages of Grief

  • there’s no right way to go through them, each person is unique 
  • there's no right or wrong way to grieve
  • stages can re-occur and often cycle over again
  • stages follow us, we don’t follow the stages
  • they don’t come in order
  • you can have more than one at a time – often mixed and overlapping stages
  • may never experience certain stages