Various group therapy and support groups are offered at different days and times.

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 Coping with Chronic Pain and Illness Group Therapy   

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Intimacy, Sex and Illness

"THRIVORship" How to re-enter life after cancer and thrive

Coping with Cancer - Individuals in any stage of cancer


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Women's Empowerment Group

Caregiver's and Journey Partners - Loving someone with cancer


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  • Caregiver Support ~ For adults who are caregivers to elders, loved one with illness or pain, or disabled partner or child, and are feeling burned out, angry, resentful, and overwhelmed. This is a place to get support for YOU, the caregiver, who does everything for everyone else. You will learn techniques to manage stress and your overall situation so that you feel happy, fulfilled and in control of your situation, while providing great care to your loved one.


  • Grief and Loss Support ~ For adults who have suffered a loss due to death, divorce or other separation and have feelings of sadness, grieving, etc. This is place to honor your own worth while learning how to overcome the overwhelming feelings of grief and loss, and regain control over your emotions, honor your loss and take steps to move forward. 


  • Teens with Trauma Therapy Group ~ For teens who are experiencing: anxiety, depression, bullying, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, social isolation, serious accident or illness, parents' separation or divorce, death or loss of a parent or other trauma / difficult situation. This group will help you process your feelings, learn ways to overcome difficult feelings and learn skills to return to a happy and safe life. 


  • The Forgotten Children ~ For children, adolescents and teens who are siblings of someone with a disability or illness. Parents are often overwhelmed taking care of a disabled or ill child, which leaves nothing left for the other child in the family. If you have a sibling that has Autism, ADHD, disability, illness, etc. and you are feeling lonely, sad, resentful, angry, and plain just not getting enough attention, this is the place for you. We will also work with parents at designated times to help foster communication and support. There is a way to restore balance to the family. 


  • Positive Parenting Training ~ This is for new parents, or one's who are struggling with the demands of parenting whether it's a new baby, toddler, adolescent, or teen; parenting can be overwhelming and cause you to act out in ways you don't want to. If you are at your limit, saying negative things to your children, overwhelmed, yelling, screaming and getting angry, this is the group for you. You will learn techniques and coping skills that are based on positive and attachment based parenting. Yes, you will still discipline, but there are ways to do it effectively for you and your child. You will learn to manage without all the turmoil and you can have a happy, controlled and safe family.


  • Please contact me to apply for a space in group or get on the wait list for future groups.