Coping with Chronic Pain & Illness Group Therapy

Enrollment Open for February 2018 online group and in person group. Space is limited. 

This group is for adults who suffer with coping with chronic pain or illness and want to learn new coping skills and ways to life a fulfilling life regardless of circumstances.  This group is specific for people who are dealing with the emotional and mental issues which arise with chronic pain and illness.

Topics include: anxiety, depression, isolation, relationship issues, grief, self-esteem, intimacy, caregiver strain, family tension, fatigue,"painsomnia", body image issue, how to create a positive 'new normal' and so much more.

Each month we will 'deep dive' into a topic and you will:

  • be guided and taught by a trained therapist

  • receive support from others just like you

  • reduce and control overall symptoms

  • learn & practice new coping skills 

  • process your emotions in a healthy and support environment

  • master evidenced-based techniques to manage pain and illness

  • identify ways to combat mental & physical fatigue due to pain/illness

  • improve your relationships (partner, family, friends, etc)

  • decrease social isolation

  • discover more about your inner strength and find your 'voice' 

  • be exposed to a wide range of perspectives

  • increase your ability to be mindful and focus on the present moment

  • leverage your strength into resilience and growth

We will cover all the emotional impact of living with pain/illness. Often times the emotional issues are more traumatic than the physical and may even make symptoms worse.

The Details

Groups offered in person and online. 

Size and Length of Group

Seats are limited to 8 per group so that everyone feels heard and everyone has an equal voice. Groups run for 12 weeks at a time. 

Day and Time of Group

Groups are offered at various day and evening times on an ongoing basis through the year, with a planned breaks in the winter and summer.


All groups are protected by therapeutic confidentiality (except where law dictates).  Please know that whether you are choosing the in-person or online version, myself and group members are committing to keeping what happens in group confidential.  This allows everyone to have a safe environment in which to share their experience and learn. Further details will be outlined in your intake paperwork once you sign up for group. 

Emotional Investment

You are committing to the full group and fellow members, and most importantly to yourself. The point of this group is to learn new coping skills as well as connect with others, therefore attendance and participation is critical. Change isn't easy and this isn't a 'magic wand'; you have to put in the effort to get the most benefit out of this group. That said, I firmly believe in 'baby steps'.... it's better to make small changes and stick with them rather to try to make a huge shift and then give up. I ask that everyone be open, honest and authentic with each other.YOU have the full capacity to improve your quality of life and this group will certainly help you.

Financial Investment 

12 week commitment ~ The group will meet every week for 12 weeks.  

$60 per week ( if paid weekly) or 20% discount if paid in 3 monthly auto-pay payments of $200 each on credit card. A portion of the cost may be reimbursable by insurance and we are happy to submit claims for you after a full up-front payment.

Now taking applications for the next round!  Please click the button to apply for the next available group.